We appeal to all the inhabitants of the world to help the people of Mariupol who were able to get out of the hell that the russists turned our city into.

80-90% of houses in the city are damaged. But it’s not just buildings, walls and windows. These are the houses of Mariupol residents, which they lost due to bombs and shells dropped on them by Russist troops.

The people of Mariupol, who are now leaving at their own peril and risk, who leave the city on foot because they do not have a car, leave behind everything they have.

Priority is given to the families of adolescents who are members of our art-cluster for youth , people who have been physically affected by the blockade, people with disabilities.

PayPal: tu.mariupol@gmail.com

IBAN: UA813052990262056400930672306


5168 7520 1359 8449

(Alexander Sosnovsky)

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